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glee love

a will and emma community

Glee Love
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glee love
a will and emma community

community guidelines
1. All posts must have proper tags, and if they are fanworks, the proper headers pertaining to the type of work you're posting. If you're confused about what headers go with what fanwork, please see this post and copy and paste from the boxes that pertain to your fanwork.

2. Posts are limited to once a day for fanworks, icons, and fanart. This means once every 24 hours. Please ask a mod if you're confused by our policy. If your fic is too big to put in one post, please PM the mods or mention it in your original fic post so that we don't delete your other post. We'll make an exception for chapters that don't all fit in one post.

3. Respectful discussion and disagreement is welcomed in this community - it makes our discussion posts fun! No flamewars, please! Offensive icons are not allowed - no racist, homophobic, or overly gory userpics.

4. Any spoilers must be placed under a cut and tagged appropriately with our spoiler tags.

If you've got any questions, please don't hesitate to send milk_and_glass or headswedance a PM or leave a comment in this post.

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